Automatic Door Installation Docklands – Tips To Guide Your Automatic Door Choice

Automatic Door Installation Docklands – Tips To Guide Your Automatic Door Choice

Automatic doors have changed the way we look at doors. Suddenly a door can do so much more than keep out burglars and the elements. Just as well, when assessing your options for your automatic door installation Docklands project, care should be taken in selecting the right door.

In this article we are going to discuss tips to guide you as you weigh available automatic door solutions for your commercial property.

Where Are You Installing Your Automatic Doors?

There are now automatic doors for a variety of applications. You can now find these doors on retail stores, pharmacies, airports, hardware stores, and hospitals. Depending on your particular application, automatic doors are fully customizable. This is done to make sure the door meets your exact needs and specifications.

The reason why you must pay particular attention on your specific automatic door application is because the doors come with specific use options. A good guide is the level of security you require for your automatic doors.

A retailer of high end jewellery may care for a door that comes with more security features than a standard supermarket automatic door. They may thus opt for an automatic door fitted with a delayed egress security enhancement.

With this security feature a door denies exit from the building for 15 – 30 seconds after an alarm sounds. This feature is particularly handy during robberies where it can prevent robbers from making a quick getaway.

Is Your Door Going To Be Exposed To Harsh Weather Conditions?

This is an important consideration for your automatic door solution. Precisely, where you are going to install the door determines how much strength the glass and frame must have.

If the door is the main access to the building, meaning the automatic door is exposed to the elements, you will need it to be hardier than an internal door that’s, for example, within a shopping mall. For this application it is important to choose heavy-duty, hurricane impact glass panels for your glass doors.

No matter how bad the weather gets – heavy rain, hail, or hurricane force winds, your doors must stand firm and never yield.

Choose the Right Automatic Door Installation Docklands Contractor

After all is said and done, you can get the best automatic door installation advice there is, but the success of your project ultimately hinges on your choice of contractor. This is highly specialized work that needs to be entrusted to qualified and experienced contractors, otherwise you may put the whole investment at risk.

There are also specific laws governing the safe installation of automatic doors on public buildings. At AADS, we not only help you find the right solutions for your particular needs, we also make sure your automatic doors meet the requirements of all local area codes. Choose us for professional, hassle-free service.

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