Automatic Door Installation Melbourne CBD

Automatic Door Installation Melbourne CBD

Taking a stroll through the Melbourne CBD one thing you will notice is many businesses have now replaced old hinged and sliding doors with automatic doors.

Automatic doors on commercial properties are now so common that we are almost conditioned to not break stride, expecting the door to open on its own every time we approach an entrance. If you are still using those old, heavy hinged and sliding doors, you could well be telling your customers you are out of touch with their expectations.

Why You Must Install Automatic Doors on Your Commercial Property

1.    Your Customers Now Expect Automatic Doors as the Standard

Almost everywhere you go commercial properties now use automatic doors. People even expect to find automatic doors in places you traditionally wouldn’t expect to find them.

If a potential customer walks into your retail shop, motel, or even your industrial property, and have to slide or pull a door open, it immediately shows them yours is not a forward thinking business. It tells them you are stuck in the past and that your service and products are probably the same, too.

To keep up with your competition, you need to to make automatic door installation Melbourne CBD a priority. Your business may depend on it just to survive. Look at it as part of your customer service as your customers now expect ease of access to your building as standard service.

And because there are so many different automatic door solutions to choose from, you have no excuse to still be using those old swing doors.

2.    Easy of Access for the Elderly and the Disabled

It is a fact, automatic doors are the most convenient for your customers. And it does not take a genius to understand why that is. We all hate having to do more work than we need to. Where we can avoid the aggravation of pulling heavy doors ourselves, we are always grateful.

But this customer convenience takes a whole new meaning when you consider the elderly and the disabled who generally don’t find it as easy to get around. The same applies for parents shopping with children in tow.

Installing an automatic door on your entrances shows that you care about your customers’ convenience. It shows you want their experience with your business to be as painless as possible.

3.    Automatic Doors Are Safer

Your customers and other users don’t have to touch your automatic doors when accessing your building as they open on their own. As a result accidents of people walking into glass doors and getting hurt are eliminated.

As long as you deal with certified installers, like us here at AADS, have your automatic doors periodically inspected and serviced, and safety check them daily yourself, automatic doors are by far the safest of all commercial door solutions.

4.    Ease of Maintenance

Automatic doors are as safe to operate as they are easy maintain. Again, if you choose automatic doors manufactured to the legislated quality standards and work with certified installers, your automatic doors won’t drain your finances through high maintenance costs.

Our experienced technicians here at All Automatic Door Systems will work with you to choose the best automatic door type and design for your property. We consider the volume, flow, and type of traffic coming through your doors to make sure the size of the doors and things like sensor positioning are just right.

Automatic doors must work with as little as human intervention as possible. When the right quality doors are installed by qualified and experienced technicians, they should give you years of trouble-free use.

5.    High Cost and Energy Savings

Automatic doors only open when they have to. When there are no people walking into your shop, the door remains shut, which means no energy is wasted.

Where you have to supplement heating to keep the place warm, automatic doors mean you have less heat escaping through doors that are accidentally left open. The same applies if you are in an area where high temperatures mean you have to invest in supplemental air conditioning.

Automatic Doors Are A Smart Choice

Among many other benefits, installing automatic doors on your commercial property positions your business as a smart, forward facing business, which is great for your image.

If you really want to make your entrances pop, automatic doors also come in a wide variety of styles and a network of experienced installers, including us here at All Automatic Door Systems, available right where you are. Contact us for a quite today.

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