Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance for automatic doors Melbourne

AADS offers specialized service in automatic entrances and We work on providing friendly advice and solutions on door servicing whenever necessary. We are specialized in supply, installation and comprehensive maintenance of automatic doors, and door systems. You ask, we’re always here to answer! Our expert technicians strive to provide you with prompt, cost-effective service and maintenance every time. Our team is always up to the task and available for any query or service and maintenance needs.

Maintenance Services

Apart from our repairs and breakdown services, we also offer comprehensive maintenance service and programs. These programs are tailor-made for your requirements to maintain your doors to Australian Standards and ensure they are safe for everyone

Scheduled Inspection and Visits:-Inspection of your existing doors, as well as the newly installed ones for detecting malfunctions of any sorts and fixing it on the spot, is a part of our maintenance services.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs:-These programs include periodic service and maintenance of the doors installed by us to keep them in the best working condition. This ensures that your automatic works seamlessly just like it would when it was brand new. We will not only service doors installed by us, if you have any additional automatic doors requiring servicing, please let us know, we are happy to service those as well!

For anyone that wishes to take up a service offer by AADS, their first inspection will be included free!*