Domestic Automatic Doors Repairs Melbourne

AADS provides services across Victoria. Our technicians and engineers are all experienced who know their job inside out. Whether it’s a full installation or a repair job, they can fix anything without any hassle. Apart from the emergency services we undertake we also take care of major or minor projects whenever you need us to.

Repair Services

Our repair services are comprehensive- meant to serve you with the best of everything. They are:

Comprehensive Repair Services and Inspection:-If your existing door system hasn’t been functioning well for some time now, we can help you with it. We have comprehensive repair services for all types and models of door systems. We first inspect the damage and detect the root cause behind it, and then repair it thoroughly. We replace only if the need be.

Supply and Installation:-For new installations, we supply the materials tailored to your requirements. Our installation services are professional and efficient and our experts have significant experience to complete the job perfectly and on time. We are also competent in replacing existing automatic door systems with the latest brand new ones.

Planning and Advice:-Our services also include proper planning and advice. We offer advice to help you with your decision of what system to choose and what should be best suited to your exact needs and requirements. That saves on cost, for sure!

Emergency and Breakdown services:-Our technicians are always ready to take over in case of emergencies following a malfunctioning or breakdown related to automatic doors. Just let us know and they will be there in a flash. We’re there for you 24/7.