Revolving Doors

Automatic Revolving Doors Melbourne

When it comes to finding solutions for all your automatic door system needs in Melbourne, AADS has got it all covered. We at AADS offer experienced and skilled technicians to take care of all things related to automatic doors and systems for your business. Revolving doors usually consist of three or four doors packed inside a cylindrical enclosure. Automatic revolving doors can have two, three or four wings wherever necessary. It can be designed and specifically tailor made to your requirements. With its huge scope of application and efficiency, it is a great item to add to your enterprise and a stand out feature for the entrance to your building.


  • AADS helps you to find the right revolving door for your establishment.
  • We at AADS will supply, design and install the best revolving door tailor made to your requirements for your enterprise.
  • Our skilled technicians can take care of repairs, maintenance, and service of any type of revolving doors.
  • Emergency breakdown and repair services whenever you need it.
  • We use reliable door operators for easy installation and affordability.
  • We have significant experience in installing and servicing all forms of revolving doors.


Revolving doors have a wide range of applications. They are mainly used for high traffic areas or for high pedestrian movement. It ensures that pedestrians can move in and out simultaneously and a large number of people can enter and exit both at the same time. Revolving doors are not only energy efficient but cost efficient as well. It prevents drafts and reduces the cost of cooling and heating of a building. They are built for large public establishments like malls, hotels, banks, stores etc..

Our dedicated craftsmen have installed many beautiful and functional revolving doors, and we are always ready to offer you with a complete entrance system.

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