Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors Melbourne

AADS is a premier solution in Melbourne for sales and installation of automatic doors and door systems. Our factory-trained and certified service professionals can assist you with designing and installation of automatic door systems and can also modify the installed ones to suit your exact needs.


There are many types, varieties, and designs that you can opt for in the market; but it is important to find the most suitable one for your house or business. The types of automatic sliding doors are:

  • Single automatic sliding doors.
  • Bi-parting door systems.
  • Telescopic/Bi-slide door systems.

All these types of door systems come with unique designs and subtypes like framed and frameless, one leaf and double leaf.


These doors are modern, convenient, and ideal for saving on space. Ideal for all purposes of domestic and commercial use, they can be tailor-made to suit your purpose, whether it be both two-way or directional traffic. All automatic door operators that we supply come with safety and movement sensors, battery backup and intelligent technology to ensure optimal performance and we can provide solutions for any entrance application regardless of its size and use.


  • We at AADS assist you always in finding the best automatic sliding doors tailored to your exact needs and requirements.
  • Whether it is design, installation, servicing and repairs- we cover everything.
  • We use only the tried and tested door operators that comply with the Australian Standards are cost-effective and most importantly reliable.
  • There are many types of automatic sliding door systems and we have experience in installing and servicing almost all of them.
  • Not only can we supply and install the automatic door operator, we can help you design and provide you with a complete shop.
  • We use only the best products and materials for all your automatic sliding door setups because reliability and safety is important to us and only the best will do for AADS customers!
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