Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Swing Doors Melbourne

AADS is a one stop solution for all types of automatic door installation, repairs and service needs. We are offering our automatic door system solutions in Melbourne for a long time now and we take pride in what we do.


Automatic swing doors are solutions formulated to meet the modern requirements of interior design. It is a great feature to add to your business or to your home. There are two types of automatic swing doors namely:

  • Single doors
  • Double doors or Pair doors

All the above varieties can be designed and tailor-made to your exact requirements so that it suits your requirements .


As the name suggests automatic swing doors, are doors which swing rather than slide when approached. Swing Doors are used in all types of applications from disabled toilet entrances, to automated swing doors in hospitals so they can wheel beds through. All swing door operators can be tailored to suit any application and can come equipped with sensors or push buttons and locks depending on your requirements.


  • AADS helps you to find the right door perfectly suited to your needs.
  • We at AADS will supply, design and install the best door tailor made for your requirements.
  • Apart from supplying, designing, and installing, our skilled technicians can take care of repairs, maintenance, and service.
  • We only use tried, tested and reliable door operators every time for reliability and affordability.
  • We can look automating your existing manual doors into automatic swing doors.
  • We have significant experience in installing and servicing all forms of automatic swing doors.
  • Emergency repair services.

We are prompt and we are always ready to hear your queries and offer advice. Call us now to get a quote!!