Benefits of choosing automatic doors

Benefits of choosing automatic doors


Traditional doors are becoming a thing of the past and more businesses are starting to install automatic doors inside of their commercial properties. Automatic doors provide business owners with an avenue to solve many common issues that traditional doors pose to customers and the overall expenditures of your operation.

Traditional doors tend to lead to higher energy bills as opposed to their cost saving relative which are automatic doors. This is largely in part due to people leaving the doors open as they get tired of hearing them slam frequently and customers frequenting your place of business at high rates. This can cause your air conditioning unit to work overtime as the constant temperature change will make it more difficult to regulate a stead temperature within your building.

AADS offers top of the line automatic door solutions for any of your residential or commercial needs. If you are considering installing automatic doors in your business you should contact AADS to receive helpful advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

Read below to see some of the benefits associated with automatic doors:

Benefits of Automatic Doors

  • Easier access for your disabled customers- Installing automatic doors in your business will allow your disabled customers to access your shop a lot easier. Traditional doors make it nearly impossible for disabled patrons of your business to access it without help, consider installing automatic doors to make it easier on them. It is now becoming mandatory in most cases to ensure DDA Compliance (speak to us today for further information on this)
  • Energy Savings- Automatic doors make it easier for your businesses’ AC unit to regulate the temperature within the building. Traditional doors can cause air flow to leak and result in poor cooling/heating performance, installing automatic doors is a great way to resolve this issue.
  • Gaining More Business- Installing automatic doors in your business can actually result in an increase in sales as crazy as it may sound. It creates a feature, improves the outside aesthetic, makes your business easily visible will make visiting your business that much more inviting!


If you are interested in learning more about automatic doors or are ready to inquire about pricing and the process involved with installation, contact AADS to speak with a specialist who can lead you in the right direction.


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