How to choose automatic doors

How to choose automatic doors

Choosing the right automatic doors for your business can play a very important role in customer satisfaction and the overall day-to-day efficiency of your operations. There are many automatic door variants available on the market for business owners looking to install a more efficient way for customers to frequent their business.

The type of automatic door you choose to install will have a substantial impact on your customers, that is why it is always important to consider all factors surrounding your business before you make any final purchase decisions.

All Automatic Door Systems (AADS) offer industry leading automatic door solutions for any home or business owner interested in their application. They provide great customer service and can assist you with selecting the best automatic door type for your commercial or residential needs.

These are the automatic door variant options that are available on the market:

  • Automatic Sliding Doors- are the most commonly used automated system and are used frequently for directional or two-way traffic. You have the option of choosing a single slide, where a single door leaf panel will slide left or right, or you can have a ‘bi-parting’ option, where there are two door leaf panels that slide in each direction. Most often they will be triggered by sensors which allow patrons access to your business.
  • Automatic Swinging Doors –Most often these type of automatic doors will either open or close by way of swinging in one direction or another, depending on which side the operator is mounted on. You will see a lot of swing door operators installed in hospitals so they are able to wheel beds through, or for disability access to toilets as well.
  • Automatic Telescopic/Bi-slide Doors- These are great for smaller business or places where space may be an issue but you still need a wider opening in your doorway. They come in both single and bi-parting options where there will be 2 door leaf panels that slide the same way providing a larger opening to allow patrons to enter or exit the premises. These types of doors are also good as a standout ‘feature’ of an entrance into a business.

These are the most common types of automatic doors that business owners choose to install for various reasons, mainly due to their energy savings and low maintenance requirement.


I would like to put in somewhere about the types of functions i.e. how the doors can be ‘used’ i.e. sensors, push buttons, swipe card access, but I am not sure where to put this??

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