The Importance of Regular Care and Maintenance of Automatic Doors

The Importance of Regular Care and Maintenance of Automatic Doors

Besides generally showing that you care about the ease with which your customers engage with your business, automatic doors Melbourne have other advantages. These advantages include savings on energy, improved security, a great looking storefront, as well as easier access for disabled people.

The same benefits obtain for both industrial and commercial properties. Yet, despite all these apparent benefits, automatic doors can be quite an annoyance when they don’t behave in the manner they are expected to.

Imagine standing behind a shop front door and expecting it to sense your presence and open automatically, only to find that it won’t open. It makes for a very awkward feeling and will certainly not make for a positive first impression.

The Importance of Regular Automatic Door Maintenance

You may think the inconvenience of an automatic door that fails to open when it is supposed to is the worst that could happen. You would be wrong. Being locked out is annoying and means you have to drive farther than you expected.

But it could be worse, as you could well be entrapped if the door fails to open and let you exit the building. That isn’t as annoying, or inconveniencing, as it is terrifying and dangerous.

There have even been cases where people got injured as they entered and existed shops and other installations where automatic doors are used. All this often results from poor automatic door maintenance systems. The consequence is the Melbourne business may be sued or even lose its operating license due to public endangerment.

How can you ensure this never happens to you?

1.   Use automatic doors and accessories from trusted suppliers,

With automatic doors, as with any pricey installation, you get what you pay for. The best automatic door solutions will cost more. But these doors will give you years of service and more than repay your initial investment.

Ensure you don’t run into conflict with the authorities from the City of Melbourne by installing uncertified doors that compromise public safety. A good way to check if your door meets the minimum requirements for automatic sliding doors is to check for the Standards Australia quality seal.

 The risks of using cheap and poor quality automatic doors Melbourne is poor repair and spares backup.

As a rule, at All Automatic Door Systems, we insist on only selling and installing doors made by trusted manufacturers on whose reputation you can stake your own. AADS is just one of the several automatic door solutions’ providers you can contract.

2.   Hire only certified and experienced maintenance and repair people,

There is a lot to consider before deciding on the best automatic door solution for your property, all of which requires you to hire people who know what they are doing. Hiring the wrong contractor to do your automatic door installation can cause issues that will be cost your business further down the line.

A contractor will need to advise whether your chosen automatic door is right for your shop front design, budget, and the amount of people passing through your doors. A fully trained and experienced automatic door technician will be familiar with the local codes and local government regulations.

Outside the local codes and regulations the contractor must meet for the installation, the automatic door must be adjusted for your specific entrance. To ensure safe operation and use, the contractor must pay heed to the weight of the door and the strength of the supporting frame.

All this, as well as the volume of people passing through the entrance, has a bearing on the speed at which the automatic door should open and close. Do the right thing for your business and hire the right people to service and repair your automatic doors Melbourne.

3.   Adhere to a strict automatic maintenance schedule,

Where they are used, automatic doors Melbourne are normally subjected to heavy use. And even if the door itself is a quality construction, from a supplier with a solid reputation, it will need to be maintained periodically. Note that maintenance does not mean calling a technician in when you start to notice signs the door maybe malfunctioning.

Such signs are actually a pointer to overdue maintenance. Waiting for the door to start showing signs of failure is dangerous as it puts the safety of your customers and visitors at risk. In any event, such a maintenance plan is costly as the technicians are often called when there has already been damage to the door. Regular maintenance is designed to stop this from happening.

All automatic doors installed on both industrial and commercial properties come with a maintenance schedule. These schedules take into account the volume of people passing through the entrance and the subsequent wear and tear.

Daily Automatic Door Safety Checks

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your automatic doors is a good practice. But even better is the habit of doing daily security checks to ensure your doors are working properly. There are too many things that happen and cause your automatic doors Melbourne to malfunction. Do the following every morning;

  • Check if the electronic sensor is working properly by passing through the entrance at a slow speed. Observe if the door opens as soon as you enter its specified motion zone. It should shut without much impact. Do the same from the outside.
  • Check how long the door takes to close after you have left the detection zone. The door shouldn’t take faster than one foot per second to close.
  • Walk parallel, two feet from the face of the door, and see if the door senses you for the full width of the entryway,
  • Stand motionless in the doorway and hold the doors back with your hands and see if it remains open as specified by the manufacturer. Also check how long, and how fast, the doors take to close after you have let go of the door and passed through.

The tips we have discussed here should help to operate your automatic door safely and sustainably. There are other care, maintenance tips, and solutions your automatic door manufacturer and installer will advise.

Are you having any issues with your automatic door? Or, you could be considering installing one! All Automatic Door Systems is a trusted distributor and installer of both commercial and industrial automatic door systems in Melbourne. We also provide maintenance and repair services for existing Automatic Doors Melbourne.

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