3 Rules for Automatic Doors Services

3 Rules for Automatic Doors Services

Automatic Doors have brought convenience in everyone’s lives. They have mitigated the efforts of push & pull for the customers and have cushioned the experience of shopping.  It is usually a onetime investment for any business.

So, if you really want your Automatic Doors to provide long lasting services, you should adhere to 3 Golden rules for their Maintenance:

  • Ensure Annual Servicing: In order to ensure the safety of the users of Automatic Doors, it is recommended to get them serviced on annual basis by a reputed repairing agency. Annual Maintenance of the product increases its life.
  • Clean the Obstructions: It is recommended to keep the doors clean and clear for efficient working. This exercise can be done on weekly basis by your own staff.
  • Check for Wear & Tear: Although Automatic Doors of reputed firms are durable but it is always advised to keep a check on Wear & Tear in the door if any. Get them repaired before it turns out into a huge loss.

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