Tips for maintaining Automatic Doors

Tips for maintaining Automatic Doors


Automatic Doors are a bit costly but if you do proper care & maintenance of your doors, they can ensure long lasting services. Hence here are few tips to maintain your Automatic Doors:

  • Follow Stringent Annual Maintenance: It is recommended to adhere to annual maintenance of Automatic doors. It not only ensures long lasting services but also confirms safety & security of the visitors.
  • Fix the problem before it becomes worst: To prolong the life of the Automatic doors, one must fix the small issues like replacement of minor parts of the doors at the earliest. It is the best and most effective solution in the long run to fix the minor parts. In this way, maintain the door’s lifespan and avoid the happening of any big problem.
  • Clean the obstructions: Keeping the Automatic doors clean is an essential part of the maintenance. If your door is moving slowly, clear the obstructions to the doors.

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