Understand the functioning of Automatic Doors

Understand the functioning of Automatic Doors

Have you ever wondered that when you reach closer to an Automatic Door, how it gets opened? What is the trick behind this magic? So, let’s have the basic understanding of Automatic Doors Melbourne so as to track the need for service & timely maintenance of your door.

Working of Automatic Doors:

The sensors let automatic doors to open and close for customers effortlessly. The triggered sensors relay the message to open or close the door. The specific procedure differs according to the type of automatic door, though mainly it is controlled by an electric motor that controls the internal belts to carry out the process of opening and closing the door. The smooth gliding or sliding of the doors is possible due to the rollers at the bottom of the doors.

Automatic Doors Melbourne are one of the most significant inventions of the World. It has brought luxury, comfort and ease in everyone’s life. This has made the installation of Automatic Doors at almost all commercial Shopfronts very common. These doors use various types of sensors to trigger the opening & closing of the doors. Let’s understand the various types of sensors which are installed on the sides of your doors to trigger the magic:

  1. Pressure Sensors: Pressure sensors are also known as Weight Sensors. Automatic doors utilize pressure sensor which has a substantial region in front and behind the building. The big space operates as a weighing scale. If the weight exceeds the set weight limit, the door will open.  The Pressure Sensor based doors offer contact-free solutions for entry & exit to the traffic carrying luggage or with a pushchair or with a wheelchair.

Tip: Pressure sensors can also be used as a secondary sensor. If the primary sensor fails, then the pressure sensor will get activated. The pressure sensor will detect the weight and the door will avoid closing on that object.

  1. Motion Sensors: This type of sensor has wide industrial applications. It uses ultrasonic waves or microwaves. The sensors generate pulses of ultrasonic waves or microwave energy to detect if there is an object in the way. The ultrasonic waves and microwaves will bounce off the object and hence the cog wheel connected by rubber belt controls the opening & closing of the door.
  2. Infrared Sensors: Infrared sensors work on the principal of Change in Temperature. The change in the temperature of the surrounding due to the presence of a person is sensed by the infrared sensors and hence they open the doors.

Things to keep in mind while selecting the Activation control for your businesses: The selection of automatic door sensors completely depend on safety, convenience and reliable access. While making the selection, one should consider:

  1. The Traffic Flow
  2. Who are the users
  3. How it will be used


Benefits of Automatic Doors:

The innovative technology in Automatic Doors has brought unique solutions to the various industrial challenges, especially for the healthcare and transportation industries. Automatic doors have provided wide, unobstructed functionality for the smooth and safe entry & exit of wheelchairs, patient beds etc.

Here are few other significant benefits of these revolutionary doors:

  • Energy Saving: The installation of automatic doors offers few indirect commercial advantages too. They successfully contribute to energy saving and decrease annual heating and cooling expenses. The doors at the shopfront open only when activated and automatically close so to eliminate the doors being left open. In this way, the efficiency of the air-conditioners at your place does not get disturbed. Not only this, they keep your place clean as they avoid outside air and dust from entering.
  • Hygiene Control: Are you into the businesses of healthcare or food? Then Automatic Doors is the perfect choice for you! The contact-free functionality of these doors provides the most favorable solution to hospitals and food factories where sanitation is essential. The air-tight feature of the door also prevents the entry of dust and dirt thereby providing a controlled environment for operating rooms.
  • Easy Access: Just imagine that after shopping at your showroom in Melbourne, the customer reaches near to your door with baggage in both the hands! To his surprise, the door opens immediately to let him walk out. It will certainly be a good experience for your customer! The automatic doors have added a luxury to your services. Automatic doors are preferably used at high traffic places like commercial complexes, hotels and retail sectors where customer hospitality is significant.

Tips for Optimum Performance of Automatic Doors: In order to have an optimum performance of Automatic Doors at your Shopfront, it is highly recommended to keep the automatic door system clean. One should also have an annual inspection to extend the life of your doors.

Now, you are aware of the various industrial & commercial applications of these doors. So, are you also looking for the Installation of Automatic Doors at your Shopfront in Melbourne? Then reach out to All Automatic Doors Systems, AADS – A company with almost 20 years of experience. We believe in providing the best-upgraded solutions to our customers all over Australia. We are one of the best service providers of Automatic Doors in Melbourne.

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